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5 Steps To Do Oil Pulling To Boost Your Oral Health

Oil pulling is an ancient technique of cleaning the teeth and boosting the gum health. The oral treatment recommended in the ancient Ayurvedic texts has currently become famous worldwide as a natural treatment for common oral problems. Scientific studies too have validated the effectiveness of oil pulling in boosting the oral health.

The oil pulling technique works by absorbing the microbes present in the mouth. The outer membrane of these single-celled organisms is made out of fat. Fats attract fats. Swishing with oil attracts these microorganisms and thoroughly detoxifies your mouth.

Oil pulling can protect you from gingivitis and tooth decay. It is also an effective remedy for bad breath. It makes your teeth whiter. Given the multiple benefits of oil pulling, it is advisable to include oil pulling in your oral care regimen.

How You Should Do Oil Pulling To Fight Oral Problems

1. Select The Oil

Although coconut oil is the most popular choice for oil pulling, if coconut oil is not available you can use sesame seed oil, olive oil or sunflower oil for oil pulling. All these oils have anti-microbial properties that help in eliminating the harmful microorganisms from your mouth.

Nevertheless, there are certain additional benefits of using coconut oil for oil pulling. Coconut oil contains a powerful anti-microbial compound called lauric acid that helps in inhibiting growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

2. Swish With Oil

Take two tablespoons of oil in your mouth and swish for 5 to 20 minutes. If you are using coconut oil, liquefy the solidified oil before using it. Beginners should start by swishing for five minutes. Increase the duration of swishing gradually. However, do not overdo. 20 minutes of swishing is considered enough for detoxifying the mouth. Swishing for more than 20 minutes will stimulate re-absorption of the toxins present in the oil.

3. Spit, Don’t Swallow The Oil

After you finish swishing, spit out the oil. Never swallow the oil. It contains toxins and bacteria that are harmful for your health.

4. Swish With Warm Water

Swish with warm water to flush out all traces of impurities and oil from your mouth. Swish 3 to 4 times to thoroughly clean your mouth.

5. Brush And Floss

For extra cleansing, brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste and floss to remove food debris trapped between the teeth. Oil pulling followed by brushing and flossing minimizes risks of teeth and gum problems.