Anything you need to know about your Angel

How can I purchase Angel? When will Angel ship?

The spring is upon us and we’re preparing to launch our first production batch. The amounts have already been finalized, but depending on the manufacturing yield, a limited amount of devices may still be available. The remainder shall be fulfilled out of the production batch to follow. To pre-order: store.angelsensor.com. (Updated: 20-Apr-2015.)

What is unique to Angel? How does it differ from fitness wristbands?

Angel is the first open sensor for health and fitness. It is compatible with many existing fitness apps and its data can be accessed on most devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. The metrics gathered by our sensor go beyond basic fitness measurements (e.g. steps, calories), and provide the user with vital data for digital health applications.

Angel is also the first health sensor that does not limit its users to proprietary apps. It was designed from the ground up to be open. Angel’s open platform includes its connectivity, protocols, and SDK. We look forward to the innovations and optimizations that will follow.

Developers / SDK / API. I’m a developer, how do I join?

In case you missed our announcement, Angel SDK Beta is live on GitHub. Check it out here:

GitHub home: https://github.com/SeraphimSense/angel-sdk

API docs: https://seraphimsense.github.io/angel-sdk/

Our SDK is continually evolving, so be sure to subscribe to our developers newsletter to stay up to date. Just visit angelsensor.com/developers and sign up! This will ensure that you are kept apprised of future SDK releases and other dev-centric updates.

How do I access my data? What phones does Angel connect to?

Angel’s data can be accessed on most devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 (a.k.a. Low Energy or SMART) – iPhone 4S and above, some newer Android devices. Our app can be used to configure your device, review your accumulated data, and sync it to your phone (only iOS for now, Android coming soon). Since Angel is an open device, you get to choose from many other compatible apps. Visit angelsensor.com/wristband/apps to see a list of some of the apps we recommend.

What is the battery life? How do I charge my Angel?

The actual battery life is app dependent, based on the amount of information requested from Angel. Angel has been specifically designed for ultra low power consumption and continuous use. Currently, our Beta firmware (under active development) supports 2 days of normal activity. However, for the official release we expect the battery to last up to one week. (Updated: 20-Apr-2015.)

Angel charges via a proprietary charger that connects to your laptop or phone via USB. Angel will let you know your battery is low via an alert or a vibration every few minutes.

What is the storage capacity?

Angel can store the health metrics it gathers for future synchronization, so you can wear it without having your phone connected. Actual data logging patterns are application dependent. We estimate that Angel can store up to one week’s worth information in most cases (i.e. at a logging rate of a new entry each second at most). Once the metrics log is full, the oldest entries are overwritten. When you are ready to view your data, you may transfer it to your device via Bluetooth Low Energy.

This feature is partially supported by the Beta version of the Angel Sensor firmware. Stay tuned for more info as this feature is coming soon. (Updated: 20-Apr-2015.)

Does Angel have a screen?

No. Angel does not have its own screen. Our sensor serves its data to smart devices which have their own screens. However, the sensor can alert you via a number of mechanisms: vibrate, ring, and a cool LED light that can be programmed for simple indications.

Can Angel be used as a medical device?

Angel is not a medical device. Angel is rated a consumer device.

Our long term goal for the next generation device is to get Angel FDA approved for medical use. This would allow developers, health experts, and researchers, to collaborate and push health treatment and prevention forward in ways we cannot yet imagine. Realistically, it will probably take at least a year to get FDA approval. In the future, we plan to let users opt-in to support our clinical research for the FDA application.

In the meantime, we hope Angel will be beneficial to doctors and researchers from day one, as it can be used for gathering research data.

Is Angel water resistant?

Angel is IP67 certified, which means that it is water and dust resistant. We have been able to confirm that our sensors will not be damaged under water; as per our certification, Angel can withstand half an hour of immersion in water up to 1 meter deep. You can swim and take a shower with it.

The activity tracker will work as expected. Further testing is required before we can confirm whether the heart rate sensor will work under water.

What is Angel Sensor Beta?

Angel Sensor will launch with its firmware in Beta. Angel’s beta features will include: continuous monitoring of resting heart rate, skin temperature, steps taken, acceleration energy, and a vibrating alarm clock. For those interested in research and advanced signal processing, real-time access to raw waveform signal for optical heart rate and acceleration will be available as well.

We will provide ongoing, free over-the-air firmware updates as they are developed. The updates will take place using Angel App (iOS and soon Android), so your Angel will always have the most current version of the firmware available.